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Electrodynamic shakers makes use of an electro-mechanical assembly to product vibration through electromagnetic force. These electrodynamic shaker systems can precisely generate either single, or multi-axis vibration using sine, random, sine-on-random, or random-on-random accounts. Usually these ED shakers are utilized to figure out the products ability to either run within it’s intended environment, or to target resonance in the product to determine weakness. Any type of product moved by road, sea or air, is subjected to vibration tests throughout its manufacturing procedure.

These tests supply essential details relating to the behavior of the manufactured part before advertising and marketing, in order to prevent them breaking in the future. All the vibration tests, both vertical and also horizontal, may furthermore go through temperature as well as relative humidity tests, integrating the vibration test with making use of a climatic chamber. The electro dynamic shakers from Wewon attach to any kind of electrodynamic vibration system. We work with any kind of brand, offering, with a total assurance, the perfect setting for your interface.

vertical and horizontal electrodynamic shakers

An electrodynamic vibration shaker system is a type of mechanical testing equipment used for simulating and measuring the effects of vibration and shock on structures, components, and products. These systems typically consist of a shaker table, an amplifier, a controller, and a series of sensors and data acquisition devices.

The shaker table is the heart of the system and is responsible for generating the vibration. It typically consists of an electromagnetic coil, a moving assembly, and a mounting platform. When an electrical signal is sent to the coil, it creates a magnetic field that interacts with the moving assembly, causing it to vibrate at a specific frequency and amplitude. The mounting platform is typically designed to accommodate the test specimen and must be able to withstand the vibration without introducing any unwanted resonances or damping effects.

The amplifier is responsible for providing the power necessary to drive the shaker system. It typically consists of a power supply, an oscillator, and a feedback circuit. The power supply provides the voltage and current needed to drive the electromagnetic coil, while the oscillator generates the electrical signal that determines the frequency and amplitude of the vibration. The feedback circuit is used to ensure that the system maintains a constant vibration level despite changes in the test specimen or external conditions.

Electrodynamic vibration shaker system provides a complete series of shock as well as vibration testing that includes force dimension, generation, as well as control. Lots of advanced features are included in both the hardware and also software to offer state-of-the-art solutions for shock as well as vibration testing.
Electrodynamic vibration shaker (both air- and water-cooled) are available as turnkey vibration test systems that include: shaker tables, power amplifiers, slip tables, shaker head expanders, fixtures, as well as thermal barriers for environmental testing.
The primary step in selecting an appropriate shaker is to define the test accounts that are to be run (sine, random, shock, replication, and so on) and also to gather dimensional details on the test short article as well as fixtures that will certainly require to be utilized. The dimensions will be custom-made according to customer’s testing requirement.
For any electrodynamic shaker, the added mass of the DUT as well as fixtures moves the efficiency envelope from the black line to anywhere the blue line could be. Shaker sizing computations are done to ensure all test profiles will certainly fit within the envelope.
Electrodynamic type vibration testers (ED Shaker) are readily available in horizontal and vertical operation types suitable for vibration settings. Our electrodynamic vibration shaker can simulate such vibration by setting wave of vibrate, vibration period as well as other specifications according to their testing requirement.
Our electrodynamic vibration shaker performs vibration test on spare parts and finished products. Vibration result the revolving pulse, vibration and also force produced from mechanical operation or quake. Usually vibration phenomenon happens in the procedure of ship, airplane, road spacecraft, vehicle as well as propeller.

The controller serves as the brain of the system and is responsible for setting up and running the tests. It typically consists of a computer or a programmable logic controller (PLC) and a software package designed for vibration testing. The software package allows the user to set up the test parameters, monitor the system performance, and collect data from the sensors and data acquisition devices.

Sensors and data acquisition devices are used to monitor the performance of the shaker system and the test specimen. They typically include accelerometers, displacement transducers, and strain gauges. Accelerometers are used to measure the acceleration of the test specimen, while displacement transducers are used to measure the displacement of the shaker table. Strain gauges are used to measure the strain in the test specimen and are typically mounted at critical locations to detect any changes in the mechanical properties of the specimen.

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WEW-EV series of electromagnetic shaker system simulate the vibration environment under the laboratory problem, as well as test the impact strength in addition to reliability of different vibration test applications. In the laboratory, with the aid of vibration testing system, simulations of recreation of sinusoidal, random, resonant search and also dwell, classical shock as well as road models, and so on can be achieved. It is vital for product quality control, new product research and development.

WEW-EV series of electromagnetic vibration shaker system from Wewon is specifically designed to satisfy the requirement for very long time operation. Horizontal and also vertical vibrations can be accomplished by the installment of vibration resistant base. The standard platform is furnished with high efficiency airbag shock isolation gadget, to make sure that the vibration transmitted to the structure can be decreased. Wewon’s electromagnetic shaker system can generate highly complex and realistic vibration profiles, allowing engineers and researchers to gain a deeper understanding of the behavior of materials under extreme conditions.
Equipment DescriptionWEW-EV340WEW-EV0350WEW-EV420WEW-EV0430WEW-EV440WEW-EV0450
Vibration GeneratorVG4000/76VG5000/76VG2000/100VG3000/100VG4000/100VG5000/100
Frequency (Hz)2-25002-25002-30002-25002-25002-2500
Max Exiting Force(kg.f)400050002000320040005000
Max Displacement
76 mm76 mm100 mm100 mm100 mm100 mm
Max Acceleration(g) 8010090716671
Max Velocity (cm/s)200200200250250250
Payload (KG)100010005005008001000
Armature Mass(kg)50 Kgs50 Kgs23 Kgs45 Kgs60 Kgs70 Kgs
Armature Diameter(mm)φ440φ440φ320φ400φ445φ445
Vibration Generator (kg)350038002000320042004500
Generator Dimension1100*1300*15201100*1300*1520850*1000*11001100*1300*14401100*1300*15201100*1300*1520
Power AmplifierAmp55kAmp70kAmp25kAmp40kAmp60kAmp70k
Power Amplifier Weight800 KG900 KG550 KG600 KG800 KG900 KG
Amplifier Dimension800*550*1920800*550*1920800*550*1920800*550*1920800*550*1920800*550*1920
Aggregate Capacity80 KW90 KW45 KW64 KW85 KW85 KW
workshop for producing vertical and horizontal electrodynamic shaker systems
Vibration GeneratorWEW-VG4000
Rated Maximum Thrust4000 Kg.f peak (40KN)
Rated Random Thrust4000 Kg.f r.ms (40KN)
Rated Impact Thrust8000 Kg.f peak (80KN)
Frequency RangeDC~3000Hz
Maximum Stroke100mm single point displacement|90mm continuous displacement
Maximum Speed 2 M/S
Maximum Sine/Random Acceleration (Moving Coil Only)Sine: 85g (840 m/s2)|Random: 60g (588 m/s2)
Test Ability (Payload Includes Table Top And Test Piece)42g (490m/s2)25g (326m/s2)14g (196m/s2)9g (122m/s2)
Maximum Load500 Kg
Axial Vibration FrequencyLess than 2.5 Hz
Dynamic DiameterФ440 mm
Dynamic Equivalent Mass35kg
First-Order Resonance Frequency2,500 Hz (nom.) +/- 5%
Dynamic Connection Point16 pieces M10 embedded stainless steel threaded sleeves
Magnetic Flux Leakage<10 Gauss
Allowable Eccentric Load Moment500 N.M
External Dimensions Of The Exciter1290mmL×1010mmD×1145mmH
Exciter WeightAbout 2700Kg
Power Amplifier ModelWEW-LA403L
Maximum Output Power40KVA (120Vrms/380Arms)
Frequency Range DC ~ 5000Hz
Signal To Noise Ratio> 75 dB
EffectivenessNot less than 90%
Harmonic Distortion0.5% THD @ 500Hz
Input Signal Range±10 Vpeak
Output DC Stability<5mVdc
Amplifier Appearance Size619mm×900mm×1680mm
Amplifier WeightAbout 490Kg
Electrodynamic Shakers Fan ModelWEW-BL4000
Fan Power15 kW
Flow/Wind Pressure0.7 m3/s @0.050kgf/cm 2
Shaker Fan’s WeightAbout 250 KG
Physical Dimension 1070mmL×970mmD×1980mmH
Smoothing Table ModelWEW-H0707M
Work Table Size700mmX700mm thickness: 45mm
Frequency (Hz)2000Hz
Equivalent Moving Mass60 KG
Physical Dimension 2218mmL×1340mmD×1348mmH
Integrated Sliding Table Weight3000 KG
Countertop Installation Connection PointM10 spacing 100mm
Power Requirement380VAC, 50 Hz, 3Ph, 56kVA
Ambient Temperature0 to 40 degree C
Rated Working Timenot less than 8 hours at the full ratings
Humidity Capacity0 to 85%, non condensing
Gas Source 0.7 Mpa
Vertical Expansion TableWEW-VT0606CM
Work Table Size600 x 600 mm height: 150mm
Frequency (Hz)2000Hz
Equivalent Moving Mass Kg35 KG
Countertop Installation ConnectionM10 spacing 100mm
Wewon’s electrodynamic shaker test system provides a testing platform for transportation simulation, mechanical shock, objective account, environmental stress screening (ESS), and also more. With dynamic and enhanced performance in displacement, force, rate, as well as acceleration, electrodynamic shakers accurately simulate a wide range of conditions that can help improve product and test high quality and reliability. Electrodynamic shakers from Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. has a variety of applications, making it a highly versatile and flexible piece of equipment. The electrodynamic vibration systems can test in a vertical or horizontal orientation; utilize a head, fixture, or sliptable expander; like interface with a Wewon AGREE chamber
The result shaft of the exciter is of light weight, solid strength, as well as the axial vibration frequency is greater than 3000Hz, and the worthless force is tiny. The highest G worth can reach the ceiling.Product Feature
Unique support air bag design, birthing capability, independent suspension system, anti-eccentric load ability.
Exciter with twin magnetic circuit layout, with excellent body leak isolation effect, Electrodynamic Shakers can prevent disturbance with the test product.
Air spring and laminated rubber with dual vibration isolation, have excellent vibration isolation impact, no demand for installment of structure.
Low-impedance & high-performance style, can improve machine performance and also minimize power consumption expenses, high reliability.
Use the computer system online control, can achieve accurate control impact, and display the control curve of the function, the data input is stored right away, with boundless memory room.
Different control conditions of table can be checked by screen throughout operation, such as vibration frequency value, amplitude and also speed as well as time, and simple criterion setting.
The electrodynamic shaker can print the shade test report, and also can make the storage space and the editing or the transmission.
vertical and horizontal electrodynamic shakers manufacture dept

What Is The electrodynamic shaker ? Electrodynamic (ED) shakers are well suited for the majority of vibration tests and supply several advantages over different approaches. ED shaker from Wewon have very linear practices, so controlling the vibration test might be less complicated or possible when not or else possible.

Vibration result the revolving pulse, vibration and also force generated from mechanical procedure or quake. EV series of electromagnetic shaker system simulate the vibration environment under the laboratory condition, and also test the impact strength as well as reliability of various vibration test applications. Vertical and horizontal vibrations can be accomplished by the setup of vibration resistant base.

https://www.wewontech.com/electrodynamic-shaker/ How does the electrodynamic shakers work ? Vibration testing is done to introduce a forcing feature right into a structure, usually with the use of an electrodynamic shaker or electrodynamic shaker systems. These generated vibrations, vibration tests, or shaker tests are made use of in the laboratory or manufacturing flooring for a selection of points, including certifying products throughout style, conference standards, governing credentials (e.g. MIL-STD 810, etc.), fatigue testing, screening products, as well as reviewing performance.

Electrodynamic (ED) shakers are well matched for a lot of vibration tests and also offer several benefits over alternative strategies. Contrasted to hydraulic shakers, ED shakers are capable of much higher regularities. These high frequencies can be extremely important in testing electronics and electronic assemblies. ED shakers are likewise with the ability of replicating a wide range of shock. Last but not least, ED shaker have really linear behaviour, so regulating the vibration test may be easier or possible when not or else possible.

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