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Electromagnetic vibration table is used to detect early tested product faults and evaluate actual product performance and equipment structural strength. Electromagnetic Vibration Table is widely used in national defense, aviation, communications, electronics, automobile, household appliances and other industries. The mechanical electromagnetic vibration tester test product range is widely, experimental results are significant, reliable.

This electromagnetic vibration tester is manufactured with high quality components, materials and the latest microcomputer technology to ensure the safety of operators and mechanical equipment. Please be sure to install and operate by professional engineers and adjust the parameters correctly. When the platform body is connected with wiring, the main power must be turned off. After the indicator light is completely off, the operation can be carried out. Never disassemble the refit controller and the wiring controller and the platform body must be properly grounded.

Adjust the center of gravity of the test object to the vertical center line of the table as far as possible, so as to ensure the evenness of vibration.Operation Method
Fix the test item on the table surface with screws or bind it on the table surface with a strap.
Pay attention to the difference between the power supply of the machine, 220V and 380V external incoming power.
Select table body and wave type that need to vibrate before test. Please do not press table body selection and wave form selection switch during the work of machine.
Fine-tuning amplitude adjustment to “0” position before starting up. When you use electromagnetic vibration table, Do not turn on or off power supply of control box frequently.
After normal operation, or for a long time, should be fixed table test objects, to prevent vibration displacement caused by the loss of objects.
The control box is a power control unit, which can never bear heavy weight and violent vibration. Must not plug any connection wire in the work.
The control box and the table top all have the heat dissipation hole, any logistics and the sundries may not enter.
If any abnormal sound is found, stop machine for inspection or contact the Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. for processing before continuing operation.
After the test, please turn off the power and confirm whether the start button is in the stop state (start state, start button is in the down state).
electromagnetic vibration table
Product ModelWEW-2500-20GTechnical Parameters
Working VoltageAC220V ± 5%
Max Test Load100 KG
Frequency Range1- 600 Hz
Amplitude Range0-5 mm
Vibration DirectionVertical (X) + Horizontal (Y)
Maximum Acceleration20G
Table Body Size500*500*520mm
Time Setting0-999
Vibration Motor 2.2 kW
Power Accuracy± 20 %
Power Supply 220V, 5A Single Phase 
An electromagnetic vibration table is a type of testing equipment used to simulate the effects of vibration on a product or component. The table consists of a flat platform, which is vibrated using electromagnetic coils. The coils are driven by an electrical signal, which can be controlled to produce a range of frequencies and amplitudes. Electromagnetic vibration tables are widely used in the automotive, aerospace, and electronics industries to test the durability and performance of products and components.

For example, a car manufacturer may use a vibration table to test the reliability of a new suspension system, while an electronics manufacturer may use it to test the durability of a laptop keyboard. One of the main advantages of using an electromagnetic vibration table is the ability to reproduce complex vibration patterns. Traditional vibration testing methods may only produce single-axis vibrations, whereas an electromagnetic vibration table can simulate multiple axes of vibration simultaneously. This makes it a more realistic simulation of real-world conditions.
Precision design and manufacturing, small size, ultra-quiet, humanized control concept, technology has reached the international advanced level.Product Features
The base of the electromagnetic vibration table is made of heavy steel with shock absorbing rubber pad, which is easy to install and balanced.
Brand frequency controller, PID adjusting function, make the vertical vibration testing machine work more stable and reliable.
The electromagnetic vibration table equip with fixed frequency, sweep frequency, frequency multiple operating mode, to meet different industry testing requirements.
This mechanical electromagnetic vibration tester can not be installed and used where personal safety is endangered. Please prevent irrelevant personnel from approaching the machine. Even if the station body is stationary, the controller may be connected to the station body with dangerous voltage. Only professionally trained personnel can install, operate and maintain the station body. The rated voltage of the power supply system of this vertical vibration tester should not be higher than 240V.

Electromagnetic vibration tables are an important tool for testing the durability and performance of products and components. The random vibration is a kind of non-deterministic vibration. When an object is subjected to random vibration, it is impossible to determine the instantaneous value of the motion parameters of a detection point on the object at a certain time in the future. Therefore, random vibration and deterministic vibration are different in nature, which can not be described by the deterministic function of time.

When some functions of the controller are set, it may cause the platform to work immediately after the power input. Please select a safe area to install this electromagnetic vibration testing system to avoid high temperature and direct sunlight, avoid moisture or water droplets splash. Please comply with the matters needing attention when installing this vertical vibration tester testing machine. Unauthorized use environment may lead to fire, gas, explosion, electric and other accidents.

electromagnetic vibration tester
Each unit of electromagnetic vibration tester has passed strict quality control before leaving the factory and has been treated with reinforced anti-collision packaging.
The customer shall immediately make the following inspection after unpacking: whether the electromagnetic vibration tester is damaged during transportation and whether the electromagnetic vibration testing system is consistent with the data.
When handling, the bottom of the stable table must be supported to prevent sideslip and tumbling. It is not recommended to lift the crane for handling. When lifting the lift car, it must be fixed and secure before handling it carefully.
Quality Check
If the vertical vibration tester is not in use for the time being, the following must be noted during storage in order for the product to meet the warranty scope of the company and for future maintenance.
The ambient temperature of the storage site must be in the range of -20℃ to +65℃. The relative humidity of the storage site must be in the range of 0% to 95% without condensation. Do not leave for more than one year without power on.
Do not store in an environment containing corrosive gas or liquid preferably packed properly and stored on shelves or countertops.
When the storage period exceeds 3 months, the ambient temperature should not be higher than 30. This is because some components (such as electrolytic capacitor) are not energized and their characteristics are easy to deteriorate when the storage temperature is high.
Storage Instruction
Heat is generated when the electromagnetic vibration tester is in operation. To ensure cool air circulation, it must be placed in an open environment to avoid other heat sources.
The temperature of the internal heat sink of the controller will rise to 90 during the operation of the device, so the controller must be placed carefully.
Ensure that the environment around the controller does not exceed the specified range. Do not cover the controller or place it in a closed space. Should be placed on non-combustible structures such as cermet. Wiring must be operated by professionals must be grounded reliably.
After completion of wiring, check whether there is a short circuit in the power supply voltage wiring and resistance to the ground.
Working Notice
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After turning on the power switch, the light is not on or the controller is not displayed. Check whether the power input line is connected and whether the fuse is installed.
When the amplitude knob is turned on to the maximum, the noise and the table surface movement are mainly due to the large working current. However, the amplitude out of control is less than the self-adjusting control less than 8mm. The amplitude knob and amplitude control parameters should be adjusted to eliminate this fault.
If there is a slight “hiss” sound or obvious abnormal phenomenon, the electromagnetic vibration table should be shut down immediately for inspection:
① Disassemble the cover of the table to check whether the vibration shrapnel is broken, disassemble and replace it with new accessories or send it to the manufacturer for maintenance. Photo of Electromagnetic Vibration Table
② If the screw is loose or off, fix or tighten it again.
③ Check whether there is any foreign body inside the table and clear it.
Fault Handling
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