France Tecumseh Freon Type and Weight

Thanks your purchase work for environmental chamber from Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. You have no idea on the France Tecumseh compressor type and how many Freon has been used for your environmental chamber. Right ? Here is a teaching guidance which will help you easier understand Wewon environmental chamber. There has 80 liters, 150 liters, 225 liters, 408 liters, 800 liters, 1000 liters environmental chamber as the standard size and have a safe stock in Wewon manufacture dept.

Normally, When customer ordered from us, We can finish the testing work and ship to customer within 1 week. Yes, We will turn on the power for 1 week fully testing by our quality engineer to make sure the environmental chamber has no defect during shipment. For each model environmental chamber, What type compressor has been used, and how many kilo Freon has been chosen for each compressor, You will check it from below Excel form easily. I hope you like it. If there any question and need our technical support, Please inquiry to us ! Thank you.

Model Type Temp Range Humidity Range France Tecumseh Type Freon Type France Tecumseh Type Freon Type
TH-0080L -70C +150C 20%~98% C9513 (Weight: 10 kg) R507 (1.4kg) C2446 (Weight: 10 kg) R23 (1.5kg)
TH-0150L -70C +150C 20%~98% C4519 (Weight: 11 kg) R507 (2.0kg) C2464 (Weight: 10 kg) R23 (2.1kg)
TH-0225L -70C +150C 20%~98% C4519 (Weight: 11 kg) R507 (2.2kg) C2464 (Weight: 10 kg) R23 (2.4kg)
TH-0408L -70C +150C 20%~98% C4519 (Weight: 11 kg) R507 (2.3kg) C2464 (Weight: 10 kg) R23 (2.5kg)
TH-0800L -70C +150C 20%~98% C4540 (Weight: 17 kg) R507 (2.6kg) C2511 (Weight: 15 kg) R23 (2.8kg)
TH-1000L -70C +150C 20%~98% C4540 (Weight: 17 kg) R507 (2.8kg) C2511 (Weight: 15 kg) R23 (2.9kg)
France Tecumseh Freon Type and Weight

Tecumseh is a leading manufacturer of compressors, offering a range of products for various applications, including HVAC, refrigeration, and industrial processes. One important aspect of selecting and using compressors is understanding the appropriate freon type and weight that is required for different applications.

In France, Tecumseh compressors are commonly used in various industries, and they support a range of different freon types, including R404A, R22, and R134A. Each freon type has its own advantages and disadvantages, and the selection of the appropriate type will depend on the specific application requirements, such as temperature range and cooling capacity.

The weight of the freon used in Tecumseh compressors will vary depending on the specific application and the size of the compressor. Tecumseh compressors are available in a range of sizes and capacities, and each compressor will have different freon weight requirements for optimal operation.

To ensure that the correct freon type and weight is used for a specific application, it is important to consult the manufacturer’s specifications and recommendations. Tecumseh provides detailed information and resources on their website, including technical data sheets and product catalogs, that can help users select the appropriate compressor and freon type.

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