ICH Climatic Chamber|Climate Chamber ICH with Ethernet Interface

The thermotron and espec is a good supplier for ICH climatic chamber, But they may quite expensive to buy it. If you want to buy an affordable ICH climatic chamber with good quality, Please inquiry to us ! Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. is a good supplier for ICH climatic chamber manufacture work for many years !

The temperature and humidity controller which is important for a ich q1a q1b q1d stability chamber. Compare with the temperature chamber, humidity chamber and thermal shock chamber, ich photostability and ich temperature need a more stability zones. Especially you are doing a stability testing for pharmaceutical products.

The 40 inch stability test chamber is a popular size which be used by the FDA environment test. According to the ich guidelines for stability, Temperature and humidity chamber forced degradation studies which is not good choice, The engineer accelerated stability studies for fda stability guidelines finished products, That is to say, due to ich stability guidance, accelerated stability testing for a environmental test chamber, environmental temperature for a photostability chamber is quite important.

ICH Climatic Chamber
Equipment Model
Test Volume
ICH-150 ICH-250 ICH-500 ICH-1000
150L 250L 500L 1000L
Temperature Range
Humidity Range
Structure Material
Illumination Intensity
LED Lamp System
No light : 0℃~+65℃|With Light: +10℃~+50℃
40% HR to 95% HR|Stability Tolerance: 2%HR
All Climatic Chamber with High Grade Stainless Steel Inside
Cool white fluorescence 0-6000Lux adjustable / ± 500Lux|Adjustable UV light intensity
ICH Lightning for Stability Testing Pharmaceutical Products
Inner Size (W*D*H)
Outer Size (W*D*H)
Gross Weight KGS
550x405x670 600x500x830 800x700x900 900x580x1600
690x805x1530 740x890x1680 1000x1100x1860 1410x890x1950
280 KG 350 KG 485 KG 770 KG

Stability ICH Climate Chamber offers incomparable homogeneity of temperature and wetness. Use the ich climate chamber for stability testing in keeping with ICH, WHO, EMA, ASEAN, GMP, GLP and GCCP. Many customers buy the ich climate chamber for medicine control and storage purpose. Here is a good design for stability ICH climate chamber from Germany. If you are looking for reliable quality test equipment and have enough budget, I suggest you take the initiative to make an inquiry with them → MEMMERT ICH Climate Chamber

In the ICH climate chamber, stability tests in accordance with ICH pointers Q1B, option 2, may be performed, because of associate light unit. Fluorescent light-weights with cold white light (standard fuel D65, 6,500 K) and actinic ray radiation within the spectral vary of 320 – four hundred nm with a lightweight intensity of approx.

Temperature /Humidity Display Temperature and humidity display
Control System LCD touch screen control system. With Ethernet port and connect with your computer by software.
Cooling Features CFC free Copeland create mechanical device utilizing R 134 eco friendly refrigerant,with condenser, motor and relay.
Steam Injection Boiler with reservoir fabricated from thick stainless-steel, with heater, water recess management, tide level safeguard.
Air Circulation Projection motor with vane / blower.
Construction Double wall, with puf insulation, outer door key lockable, inner glass viewing door.
Chamber Illumination Fluorescent light-weight with bit keys.
Safety Options:
High temperature safety stop
Low water level boiler stop
Electrical overload cutoff relay for mechanical device
Time delay for mechanical device turn on
Electrical circuit breaker
Feet: Castor wheels and leveling screws.
Trays: SS wire mesh serious duty
Electrical: 230V/380V, 15A/50 Hertz

Its glorious temperature and wetness homogeneity positions the climate chamber ICH within the international prime league of stability take a look at chambers. Thermal transfer to the inside – whether or not heat or cold – is secured through a large-area life vest on four sides. because of its hermetically sealed interior, the climate chamber ICH doesn’t consume any water once the setpoints are reached, as long as the door isn’t opened. 2 top-grade noble metal temperature detectors with mutual observation guarantee interruption-free long-run operation even though one sensor ought to fail.

Thanks to a mixture of temperature, wetness and digital greenhouse emission management, the climate chamber ICH C is optimally suited to building materials testing or applications in cell biology requiring temperatures below temperature. In the pharmaceutical business the utmost safety level comes virtue of the validation against the government agency 483 specification. This instrumentality has been designed completely for the pharmaceutical sector with, on request, the documentation of the foremost rigorous validation ratio, OQ, PQ and CQ.

adobe-pdf-logo The Body Structure Design for ICH Climatic Chamber|Climate Chamber ICH with Ethernet Interface
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