Low Temperature Humidity Chamber

If you are looking for a very low temperature humidity test chamber, For example, Temperature Testing Request is +10C, Humidity Request: 10%RH, It must be very difficult to find a good supplier. Yes, the mainly reason is, Most of the environmental test chamber supplier support chambers in +10C, 0%RH (humidity no support), Even the ESPEC(Japan), WEISS (Germany), ACS(Italy), Terchy(Taiwan), What they are can support you only the same performance: +10C, 0%RH, without humidity ! So sad, Right ?

The low-temperature humidity chambers are essential for various scientific experiments that require specific temperature and humidity conditions. These chambers are designed to create a controlled environment that can simulate the natural conditions of a specific region. In this article, we will discuss the features and benefits of low-temperature humidity chambers and how they are useful for scientific research.

low temperature humidity chamber

Equipmetn Features: Low-temperature humidity chambers are designed to maintain a specific temperature and humidity level, typically ranging from -70°C to +180°C and 10% to 98% relative humidity. These chambers are equipped with advanced control systems that can regulate temperature and humidity levels accurately. They also have an airtight design that prevents external contamination and maintains a stable internal environment.

Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. has a solution which can do the testing work in low temperature, low humidity testing conditions. I mean +10C, 10%RH testing conditions. I have taken some photos as below mentioned, for your reference. This kind of cruel testing mainly used for printing machines, or pharmaceuticals industry which has a very low temperature humidity requirement|5% Humidity Solution of Low Temperature Humidity Chamber Please check here.
Low-temperature humidity chambers can be used for a variety of applications, including biological and pharmaceutical research, food science, and material testing. Equipment Benefits:
These chambers can simulate the natural environment of a specific region, making it possible to study the effects of temperature and humidity on various organisms and materials.
One of the main benefits of low-temperature humidity chambers is their ability to preserve samples for an extended period. These chambers can maintain a stable environment.

The printing paper inside the printing machine, Without humidity, easily occur the static during the continues printing work. So we need a low temperature humidity testing condition to simulate the similar situation such as +10C, 10%RH to let the printing machine supplier understand and improve their new products before go to market.
But I have to say, You can not buy a +10C, 10%RH environmental test chamber from any standard size environmental chambers supplier ! Wewon import the humidity system from Sweden. Munters MG90, Which help us improve and good quality for low humidity requirement. If you have the interest and want know more our low temperature humidity chamber, Please inquiry to us. Thank you.

low temperature humidity chamber


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