Environmental Chamber Get Accross Narrow Door

Some customer has a narrow door size in their laboratory, According to the below photo mentioned, You may understand that, If the environmental chamber with a wider size than the door, Then problem happen. Yes, You can not put this environmental chamber into your laboratory room. Right ? So when you bought an environmental chamber for your testing work. You need make sure the purchased environmental chamber has a reasonable size and convenient to get across the narrow door.

Inquiry to your supplier and let the supplier know your local testing room’s size and where this environmental chamber will be parked is so important. When you made the testing work, You need make sure the environmental chamber has a convenient size. Due to this reason, Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. has developed a custom size chamber to solve the customer’s problem. The custom environmental chamber photos with technical parameters as below mentioned. Please check it. If you have the interest and want to know more, Please inquiry to us !

environmental chamber get accross the narrow door

An environmental chamber is a closed, controlled environment designed to replicate specific temperature, humidity, and atmospheric conditions for testing and research purposes. These chambers are large and heavily insulated, making moving them through narrow doors a difficult task. However, there are techniques that can be employed to make this process easier.

One such technique involves disassembling the chamber into smaller sections, which can then be moved through the narrow door and reassembled on the other side. Another technique is to use a specialized trailer with a ramp and hydraulic system to lift the chamber over the door threshold. Whichever method is chosen, it is important that the chamber is transported carefully and reintegrated properly to ensure accurate and reliable testing results.

Equipment Model WEW-NAR-064 WEW-NAR-080 WEW-NAR-150
Testing Volume 64 Liters 80 Liters 150 Liters
Temperature Range -60℃~ +150℃ -70℃~ +150℃ -70℃~ +150℃
Humidity Range 20%~95% 20%~95% 20%~95%
Temp Uniformity ±0.5~ ±1.0℃ ±0.5~ ±1.0℃ ±0.5~ ±1.0℃
Heating Change Rate 1℃~ 2℃/min 1℃~ 2℃/min 1℃~ 2℃/min
Cooling Change Rate 1℃~ 2℃/min 1℃~ 2℃/min 1℃~ 2℃/min
Compressor Device Tecumseh (France) Tecumseh (France) Tecumseh (France)
Control System OYO 9256P OYO 9256P OYO 9256P
Inner Size (W*D*H) 400x400x400 500x500x600 500x500x600
Outer Size (W*D*H) 900x650x1250 1000x750x14602 1300x750x1460
Gross Weight 85 KG 120 KG 165 KG
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