OYO3000 Ethernet Connect Solution

How to use OYO3000 Ethernet Connect Service ? There some customers prefer to use OYO3000 Ethernet connect port and communicate with the engineer’s computer. In this way, The engineer will not move to environmental chamber’s place and monitor the sample’s testing condition beside the computer. It will simplify their testing work for sure ! Use the OYO3000 Ethernet Connect Service is a good idea. Let me teach you how to do it.

Here is a movie to guide you how to connect this OYO3000 controller with your computer. This movie may easier to make you understand each step work. If you still have any problem when you doing the installation work on this OYO3000 Ethernet connect, Please send us an inquiry to us any time. We will feedback you quickly after we understand where is your problem. During your coming email, Please make sure you have taken the photos or short movies to identify where is the problem happen.

Then our technician will check your conditions and find the solutions on how to help you. Mostly, When customer watched this Youtube teaching movie. They have no problem to use OYO3000 Ethernet connect service as well. This is the situation what our technician expected. We hope you enjoy the testing work when you are using our environmental chambers.

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