Transfer Data from SD Card to TEMI 2700 Controller

How to Transfer Data from SD Card to TEMI 2700 Controller ? Today let’s make a guidance to teach you, Transfer the data/ parameters from SD Card to Korea TEMI 2700 Controller. If you can not understand any steps, Please contact us via Skype or email for a support.

The Operation Steps for TEMI 2700 Controller :

Below are the steps from the boot screen to guide you finish the setting work for data transfer from SD Card into Korea TEMI 2700 Controller, Please watch this picture carefully and you will find that it’s so simple to finish this setting work by yourself. The long red arrows in the below picture just let you know that it’s the amplifying touch screen button, and easier to make you identify each steps. Hope you like it.

TEMI 2700 Controller

● There has one issue need remind you: Please make sure you have copied the original and correct technical parameters from your supplier, I mean the right programme setting, PS: Transfer the setting data from SD Card into TEMI 2700 Controller need you input the SD Card in the controller first.

TEMI 2700 Controller


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