Testing Hole for Environmental Chamber

We can make the testing hole diameter 50mm, 100mm, 150mm or any custom size based on customer requirement. This is really important if some one need the power-on test inside the testing room for samples. I also taken some short movies as below youtube movie mentioned to let you understand how we manufacture the testing hole for temperature humidity test chambers. It’s easier way to make the buyer, customer trust that we are a contract manufacturer.

Buy the environmental chamber from us is a smart idea, Because we are the manufacturer directly and save your cost. When customer place the order to us, We will assembly 2 pcs testing hole which the diameter is 50mm. This is not be used by some customer if they don’t need a power-on test. But what our thought is, Equip 1~2 pcs test hole there, is more convenience for customer in case they need testing samples with a power-on test someday.

Testing Hole

We can also make the additional glass door for customer as above photo mentioned. This is the additional custom design based on client’s request. Since we are an manufacturer directaly, This kind of additional work is no problem for us actually. Welcome your inquiry, in case you have such kind of requirement. You may be interested in visiting sight window’s hole for environmental chamber

Yesterday evening, When I walk through the manufacture dept, I noticed that our worker is making the testing hole for environmental chamber, So I turn on my camera and record this short movie which can help you easier understand how to make a test hole for environmental test chamber. This just an example to let you know how we work. Not only on test hole work, But also we have many other procedure, such as bending, welding, refrigeration, electric circuit… In case you have the interest and want to know more, Please send us an inquiry. I am waiting for you here. Thank you.

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