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Ultra low temperature freezer (-86 °C / -40°C) used for research institutions, automotive Industry, universities, companies, and hospitals. The ultra low freezer -86°C suitable for scientific research institutes, disease prevention and control, colleges and universities, biological engineering, hospitals, blood stations, ocean fishing and electronic chemical industry, etc. There many good suppleirs for -86 °C ultra low temperature freezer, such as ultra low freezer thermo scientific, Haier -86℃ lab freezer, Aucma -86℃ Freezer.

The -86℃ ultra low freezer from Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd., Using imported France Tecumseh compressors, High-power direct cooling refrigeration system, Efficient and thick insulation metal case. When the temperature range between -86℃ ~ -40℃, It can set arbitrary value, through professional temperature control system, temperature difference control in the range of ±2℃. The -86℃ ultra low temperature freezer from Wewon has the characteristics of compact structure, fast cooling, stable operation and convenient operation.

ultra low temperature freezer
Equipment DescriptionWEW-TW-86W42WEW-TW-86W108WEW-TW-86W208WEW-TW-86W408
Effective Volume (L)42 Litres108 Litres208 Litres408 Litres
The input power (W)350 Watt420 Watt700 Watt1500 Watt
Inner Room (mm)450×400×280520×470×420650×500×6201350×500×620
Machine Dimensions (mm)650×700×1100 700×740×10901350×820×9202000×820×920
Net Weight (kg)8595120205
Design StructureFlat/Single Door
Temperature Setting Range-86℃∽-40℃
Cooling WayStraight Cold Cream
Power Supply220 V∽/50Hz380 V∽/50Hz
Control SystemMicrocomputer Special Controller
Temperature Humidity Indicator
LED Digital Display
Liquid Crystal Display in Chinese and English
Temperature Recording System-86°C Ultra Low Freezer Tech ParametersBuilt-in temperature recording system/can query temperature data within 15 days
Temperature Probe PT100 Platinum Probe
Temperature Fluctuation ±2 ℃
Alarm FunctionTemperature Overrun Alarm/Sound and Light Alarm
Carton MaterialCold Rolled Steel Plate Spray Paint
Material Inside304# Stainless Steel Plate
Compressor Brand International Imported French Tecumseh Compressor
Environmental RefrigerantEnvironmentally Friendly Mixing Medium
Door LockUltra Low Temperature Freezer with Safety Lock
Universal CastersFour Universal Rollers with Brake
LED display screen can display the temperature inside the -86℃ ultra low temperature freezer, setting temperature, environment temperature, input voltage, high and low temperature alarm and temperature inside the -86℃ ultra low lab freezer, with fault warning function.
Ultra low temp freezer with adjustable shelf design, easy to access items. Ultra low freezer used one-piece door lock handle and compact caster design, more flexible and convenient.
Super low temperature freezer include condensing fan intelligent start and stop, effective energy saving.
With network, remote alarm function and high and low voltage automatic compensation function, advanced and practical.
Optional freezing-storage box, freezing-storage rack, disc recorder, RS232 and 485 interface. Low temperature freezer with more freezer boxes per unit area, lower storage cost.
Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. is the ultra low temperature freezer manufacturer in China in low noise design. Create a comfortable working environment.
For the old building door width of 750mm, box design width of 725mm, easy to enter the door, small footprint.
Four layers of insulation, four doors independent seal. The door can effectively prevent the leakage of air conditioner, which is safer and more energy-saving.

-86°C Ultra Low Freezer Product Catalog|Horizontal Mode Type|Temperature Set Range: -86°C ~ -40°C

-86°C Ultra Low Freezer Product Catalog|Vertical Mode Type|Temperature Setting Range: -86°C ~ -40°C

ULT Freezer Definition by Wikipedia. The Application Sample Location Pull Down Time Energy Consumption
Ultra low temperature freezer principle. Computer control, temperature digital display, adjustment unit is 1℃, the temperature in the box -40℃ ~ -86℃ adjustable.
Ultra low temp chest freezer can send the alarm information on the device to the registered mobile phone users in the form of SMS
Users can send SMS messages to the equipment to inquire real-time temperature and alarm situation. As long as there is a mobile phone signal, it can monitor the device remotely anytime and anywhere.
Temperature Control
Optimization of cascade refrigeration technology, imported compressor, better refrigeration capacity. Super thick and high density insulation layer, good insulation effect.
Ultra low temperature laboratory freezer unique four seal structure and heat insulation system design, effectively eliminate frost phenomenon.
The specially designed low temperature stage computer control avoids the wrong control of low temperature stage compressor by the superposition system.
Refrigeration System
Various fault alarms (high and low temperature alarm, sensor alarm, power failure alarm, high and low voltage alarm, condenser cooling difference alarm, ring temperature overshoot alarm)
Multiple protection functions (password protection, power-on delay protection, ultra-low voltage compensation protection, ultra-high voltage compensation protection)
Ultra low temperature freezer maintenance. Two alarm modes (sound beeping alarm, light flashing alarm). All independent parts are safely grounded.
Security System
-86°C Ultra Low Freezer
Ultra cold freezer used for storage of red blood cells, white blood cells, skin, bone, bacteria, virus, semen, biological products, pelagic products, low temperature test of electronic devices and special materials, etc. Test Equipment’s Functioin
High and low temperature alarm, power failure alarm, low battery power alarm, high ambient temperature alarm, condenser dirty alarm, over voltage alarm, sensor fault alarm, etc., to ensure safe use. Various Fault Alarms
Sound beeping alarm, light flashing alarm and remote alarm. Start time delay, Stop interval and other protection functions. Keyboard lock and password protection to prevent arbitrary adjustment of parameters. Three Alarm Modes
related page logo-86℃ Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer|Appearance and Structure Of The Machine Photos
related page logo-86℃ Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer|Appearance and Structure Of The Machine Photos
related page logo-86℃ Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer|Appearance and Structure Of The Machine Photos

Optimization of cascade refrigeration technology, unique evaporation and condensation heat transfer system design, refrigeration capacity is stronger. Imported international famous brand compressor and international famous brand EBM fan motor, fast refrigeration, low noise. Small low temperature freezer has no fluorine foam, no fluorine refrigerant, green environmental protection. Super thick insulation layer, internal and external double doors, multi-layer sealing structure design, lock the air conditioner, good insulation effect.


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