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When I check from internet, There some water cooling tower there, But seldom has the supplier supply the water cooling tower for environmental chambers. It seems here is my opportunity to process this topic and teach customer what’s the water cooling tower mainly purpose.
The water cooling tower for environmental chambers, In case the envrionmental chamber designed to be the water cooling type. Compare with air cooling type, The water cooling has a faster cooling rate, frequently used for thermal shock chamber’s design and walk in chamber solutions, Here is an example: The 15 Ton Water Cooling Tower for Walk in Chamber, Water Cooling Design, Temperature Range: -70C ~ +100C, Walk in Chamber Size: 6750 Liters.
water cooling tower

ModelLCT-10TCooling Capacity39000 kcal/hr
Water Pipes OD40 mmFan Motor1/4 HP, 6p
Water Flow130 L/minAir Flow100 M3/min
Series # WF-20Power AC 380V, 50Hz


water cooling tower



There has another issue I want comment is, The water cooling tower easier equiped on the ground floor or the top garret building. If you are living not the 2nd floor, 4th floor, 10th floor… Better choose the air cooling design which is another topic, If you have interest and want know more on this topic, Please contact me via email or Skype online. I am very pleasure to talk with you on these technology isssue.

Below are the technical data for LT Series standard water cooling tower, As a advice, We frequently choose the LT 15 Series type which is popular used and available for mostly of environmental chambers.

water cooling tower

1FG 04Fan Guard
2CS 05Casing
3LD 13 Ladder
4SP 08 Sprinkler System
5TB 09 Tension Bar
6AI 11 Air Inlet Support
7PP 14Piping
8ST 07 Suction Tank
9MT 02 Motor
10MS 03Motor Support
11EF 01Exhaust Fan
12IF 16In-Fill
14IS 15In-Fill Support
15WB 06Water Basin
16TS 12Tower Support


● IF16 In-Fill: As required, customer can optionally select high temperature in-fill wich can still operate normally at a temperature as high as 90C; EF01 Exhaust Fan: Bigger models are equipped with seal disc so as to prevent air from reversing into the tower.

● SP08 Sprinkler System: It is water-power driven which can spray water more evenly within the tower. This enhances cooling efficiency; CS05 Casing: The casing of bigger models aredivisible making transportatioin and installation much more easier. An inspection window of transparency as high as 80% allows easy and convenient inspection.

water cooling tower

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