Wewon Barbecue Party for Employees and Family Members

The Wewon’s employees and family members has attended the Wewon Barbecue last weekend. There are 85 employees joined this Wewon barbecue and we do the cooking by ourself. The Wewon’s employees bought the fresh vegetables, fruit, chickens, beef, and sea food from the market directly, and we wash them in our dining room by our workers. As the night went on, the atmosphere at the Wewon barbecue party became even livelier. More and more people arrived, and the laughter and chatter grew louder.

When the Wewon’s workers sit together to cook delicious food and talk freely, The employees can enhance the friendship between the team and strengthen the cohesion of the company. It was a true feast for all the senses, with different aromas, flavors, and sounds adding to the festive atmosphere. When night falls, rows of snacks conjure up a seductive aroma from the roasting stalls, There were ten barbecues scattered on Wewon’s parking place on the first floor, each surrounded by chairs, waiting for the barbecue master to show off their true skills.

Barbecue Party for Wewon Employees

As the night wore on, the party showed no signs of slowing down. It was a true celebration of friendship, good food, and happy times at Wewon. In order to promote the communication among the various departments of the company, enhance the friendship of the staff, enrich the amateur life of the employees, On the evening of December 8, a barbecue dinner was held in the elegant courtyard of the company, and about 85 colleagues from various departments actively participated in the activity.

Make sure the barbecue has a great feeling and good taste purpose, the Wewon’s departments are carefully prepared to buy barbecue food, spices, drinks and so on. At 05:00 in the afternoon, all departments went to the restaurant to prepare materials, some dressed in kebabs, chicken wings, some cut eggplant, potatoes, some in the layout of the venue, busy. During the barbecue, everyone helped each other and finished a delicious dinner together.

In order to dinner everyone in their own hands; in some of the members of the barbecue technology is really not flattering, all the meat baked into “black charcoal”. Some members are very good, look at their roast lamb, chicken wings, bone and meat, eggplant, color attractive. We bake seriously and eat with relish. You may also have interest to check the purchased ingredients for Wewon’s Barbecue Party for Employees and Family Members

Wewon Employees cooking the chickens, beef, and sea food during the Barbecue Party

Laughter as the wisps of smoke hovered in the air, everyone ate all kinds of food they had baked, Talking about their work and life encountered various interesting, happy! The event lasted until 10:00, the food was almost “ransacked”, the whole activity atmosphere is very active ! Through this activity, not only enhance the feelings between the employees, more importantly, enhance the cohesion of the company, show the team spirit of friendship and mutual help, harvest health and happiness, and add color to our work and life !

Wewon Tech recently hosted a barbecue party for its employees and their family members, and the event was a huge success. The company believes that it is important to create opportunities for employees and their families to come together and socialize outside of work. The barbecue party was a perfect way to do just that. The event was held on a beautiful sunny day, and everyone was in high spirits. The smell of grilled burgers and hot dogs filled the air, and the sound of laughter and chatter could be heard all around. Employees and their family members mingled, played games, and enjoyed the delicious food and drinks.

Wewon Employees cooking with barbecue grill

One of the most significant aspects of the barbecue party was the opportunity for employees to introduce their families to their colleagues. Many employees work long hours and don’t get to spend as much time with their families as they would like. The barbecue party provided a chance for families to meet the people that their loved ones spend so much time with. This helped to strengthen the bond between employees and their families, and it also helped to create a sense of community within the company. Another important aspect of the barbecue party was the chance for employees to relax and unwind after a long week of work.

The company understands that its employees work hard and deserve to have some fun and relaxation. The barbecue party provided a much-needed break from the daily grind, and it helped to boost morale and motivation. The barbecue party hosted by Wewon Tech was a significant event for employees and their families. It provided an opportunity for employees to connect with each other and their families, and it also allowed them to relax and have fun. By hosting events like this, Wewon Tech demonstrates its commitment to creating a positive and supportive work environment for its employees.

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