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This is an article for Ascott corrosion test chamber, The model from Ascott : CC450xp (CCT Chamber). It is the floor standing cyclic corrosion test chamber, Capacity is 450 Liters / 15.8 cu.ft. This CC450xp Ascott corrosion test chamber will pass through a 850mm wide door aperture for ease of installation.

As well as performing to the requirements of the traditional ASTM B117 based, continuous salt spray test standards. This CC450xp Ascott corrosion test chamber is also equipped with a control system to enable it to perform cyclic corrosion tests. These tests usually comprise of sequential periods of :
1. Salt spraying
2. Controlled humidity air drying
3. Condensation humidity (wetting)
The programmable control system fitted, enables the above conditions to be arranged in any sequence and permits other events to be programmed in between e.g. cold air blow. Also the duration of each event and number of times the whole cycle is to be automatically repeated, can be varied. Up to 10 multi-step cyclic programmes, 5 multi-step sub programs and 5 single step/single set point programs can be created and stored in the controller’ system memory for subsequent execution by the CC450xp Ascott cyclic corrosion test chamber.

appearance of CC450xp Ascott corrosion test chamber


Salt fog fallout rates: Adjustable from 0.5 to 3.0ml per 80cm2 per hour
Air saturator temperature range: Adjustable from ambient to +63℃
Chamber temperature range: Condensation humidity mode: Adjustable from ambient to +55℃ /131℉
Salt spray mode (CC450xp CCT chamber) Adjustable from ambient to +50℃/122℉
Air drying and controlled humidity mode: Adjustable from ambient to +70℃/158℉
Chamber humidity range: Condensation humidity mode: Fixed at 95-100% RH
Salt spray mode (CC450xp CCT chamber) Fixed at 95-100% RH
Air drying/controlled humidity mode: Adjustable (See Graph Below for Range)
Notes to the graph: For CCT chambers without option ACC29, the minimum achievable temperature/humidity inside the cyclic corrosion test chamber (i.e.; the curved part of the graph) depends directly upon the ambient temperature/humidity of the air in the room in which the chamber is located. This part of the adjacent graph assumes room ambient conditions do not exceed 20℃/70℉ and 50% RH.
The CC450xp Ascott corrosion test chamber will operate in ambient conditions of up to 30℃/90℉ and 85% RH (non condensing). However, the minimum operating temperature/humidity that can be controlled inside the chamber, will be reduced accordingly.


Graph for CC450xp Ascott Corrosion Test Chamber, Humidity range in condensation humidity mode, humidity range in air drying mode


This Human Machine Interface (HMI) features a fully pixelated touch activated screen, with a high definition display, and a menu driven command structure. In addition to standard continuous salt spray testing, this enables it to be readily programmed for automatic testing to modified salt spray test standards such as ASTM G85, annexes; A2 (MASTMAASIS), A3 (SWAAT), A5 (PROHESION) and condensation humidity testing to ASTM D 2247, DIN 50 017 etc.
Note: ASTM G85 Annex A4 tests can also be programmed, but a separate SO2 gas dosing facility (Ascott optional accessory ref: ACC46) is required.
Up to 10 main programs, each comprising of up to 15 different steps and temperatures can be programmed and run automatically. In addition, up to 5 single function programs are also available for steady state control at a single set temperature.
Touch screen display of Control Parameters
This CC450xp Ascott cyclic corrosion test chamber is now fitted with a state of the art electronic humidity sensor which measures the relative humidity inside the chamber and displays this at the HMI as %RH. Humidity measuring sensor with %RH display
This CC450xp CCT chamber uses the new humidity measuring capability (mentioned above) in conjunction with an evaporative humidity generation system, to enable the operator to program and control the relative humidity level (%RH) during air drying. The %RH can be controlled at a steady state level, or rising and falling over time, with or without a changing chamber temperature. Humidity controlled air drying
Enables the chamber to be used for condensation humidity testing, as well as salt spray testing. Includes a display of relative humidity (%RH) in HMI, measured using a novel design of salt resistant humidity probe. Condensation humidity testing capability
Graphical logging of actual temperature and humidity achieved in the chamber, compared to the set temperature and humidity required, over time (up to 24 hours). This provides at-a-glance monitoring of chamber performance and the ability to play back and review the chambers performance over the past 24 hours, at the control panel HMI. Temperature & Humidity graphical logging facility
A calibration certificate for the chamber temperature and humidity controller will be provided which will be fully traceable to UK national standards. Single point temperature and humidity calibration is provided free of charge, as standard. Additional points may be available on request at extra cost. Calibration Certificate
The CC450xp Ascott corrosion test chamber and air saturator temperatures are monitored by PT100 precision temperature sensors and displayed digitally, to a resolution of 0.1oC, alongside the desired set temperatures. Digital Set & Display of Temperature
At the touch of a button on the control panel HMI, automatic purging of the chamber interior is initiated. This disperses any salt fog, to minimise the risk of highly corrosive salt fog escaping from chamber into the laboratory. After a pre-set period of purging the chamber canopy can be opened. Automatic Air Purge Facility With Canopy Interlock
Allows the convenience of preprogramming a stop time, at which point the chamber automatically stops testing. Timed test stop facility
This comprises of two 80cm2 collecting vessels mounted on adjustable supports within the chamber and linked to two transparent measuring cylinders, mounted externally. This system allows salt fog fall-out to be collected and measured continuously without the need to open the chamber canopy and interrupt the test. Catchpots Remote Salt Fog Collection Facility
A pack of consumable spares, sufficient to last for approximately 1 year of continuous use comprising of: 5 salt solution filters, 1m peristaltic pump tubing & selection tyes. One year consumable spares kit
The CC450xp CCT chamber canopy incorporates a window, as standard, which enables visual checking of the samples inside the chamber, whilst under test. Interior illumination is also available as an optional accessory (Ref ACC26). Interior Viewing Window
As standard, 2000L/70.6 cu.ft. chamber are supplied with 16 removable slotted sample racks. Each rack will be precut with 46 x 3mm wide slots angled on one side at 20o to the vertical.
These racks are supplied at a length to suit the high-level sample rack mounting position as standard (and can be cut down to suit the lower level position if required). Alternative sizes are available on request.
Set of Sample Racks
An hours counter for logging the number of hours a program has been running Hours Counter
Enables the chamber to be programmed/monitored via a remote computer, running appropriate software. RS232 Communications Port
Standard Accessories



A low front loading threshold, to ease loading and unloading of samples, especially from the back of the corrosion test chamber.
All plastic construction giving a high quality, durable and corrosion resistant finish.
The canopy is pneumatically operated for ease of opening and closing the chamber safely, at the push of a button.
High and low level positioning for sample racks enabling small and/or large test samples to be accommodated (the sample racks supplied as standard are for the high level position, but can also be cut down to suit the low level position if required).
Removable load support racks to enable a large number of samples to be either placed onto the racks or suspended beneath.
The salt spray corrosion test chamber automatically purges before the canopy opens to minimise the risk of highly corrosive salt fog escaping into the laboratory.
Large 100L/26 Gallon capacity salt solution reservoir with transparent front, enabling continuous unattended salt fogging for periods of up to 5 days (additional capacity can be provided if required).
Dry seal canopy gasket, so no more wet clothes when loading and unloading this salt spray corrosion test chamber.
Construction|CC450xp Ascott Corrosion Test Chamber


Body Structure of CC450xp Ascott corrosion test chamber


Salt spray pre-humidification via an air saturator, ensuring salt spray is moist and will not clog atomiser jet. The reservoir is filled automatically for continuous unattended testing.
Peristaltic pumping of salt solution enabling salt to be delivered at a precisely metered rate.
Digital precision temperature controls, guarantees accuracy and repeatability of results.
Graduated salt solution flowmeter for quickly assessing and adjusting the salt solution flowrate.
Wall mounted heater mats enabling uniformity of temperature through the chamber with maintenance free durability.
The Ascott corrosion test chamber include air saturator low water and over temperature protection for fail safe operation.
Operation and Control|CC450xp Ascott Corrosion Test Chamber


CC450xp Ascott Corrosion Test Chamber

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