Battery Crush Tester – Lithium Battery Crush Testing – Battery Safety Testing

Battery crush tester simulation of various types of power lithium batteries in the process of use, the battery suffered compression, Manually present the different conditions that may occur when the battery is squeezed by battery crush test machine. The battery crush tester is used to simulate the squeezing situation of various power batteries in the process of use, The battery crush test machine is an important tool for testing and evaluating the safety of battery products.

Lithium Battery Crush Tester Test Method︱How to Use a Battery Crush Tester for Lithium Battery Crush Testing – Battery Safety Testing ?

● Squeeze the battery between two flat plates. Extrusion pressure is applied by the hydraulic head of the piston. The squeeze continues until the hydraulic pressure head reads 17.2Mpa, Applied force is about 13KN. Once the maximum pressure is reached, the pressure can be relieved.

● A cylindrical or prismatic cell should have its longitudinal axis parallel to the plane of the extrusion device and be subjected to extrusion. The prismatic cell also revolves around its longitudinal axis, Rotate 90° to place it. In order to make its wide side and narrow side can withstand extrusion pressure.

● Each sample cell is subjected to pressure only in one direction, Different samples should be used for each test. Coin or button type batteries, The battery plane should be parallel to the surface of the extrusion device and subjected to extrusion pressure.

Battery Crush Tester - Lithium Battery Crush Testing - Battery Safety Testing
Equipment ModelLithium Battery Crush Tester︱WEW-JTL-13KN
Pressure Range1KN ~ 15KN (Adjustable)
Outer Diameter Upper pressure plate is 150 mm (not less than 20cm2)
Force Error±1%|Test Power Mode: hydraulic pressure
Unit ConversionKg/N/Lb (Kg/ Newton/Pound) three unit conversion
Test SpaceW520 X D435 X H470 (mm)
Window Size200 X 200mm (10mm thick double layer explosion-proof glass)
Fan OutletDiameter 150mm (Exhaust fan is installed on the back of the test room)
Ventilation OpeningThere are two ventilation opening with diameter of 50mm on the left side of test room.
External DimensionW900 X D650 X H1720 (mm)
Bottom UnitThe bottom of crushing Test chamber for battery test is equipped with four universal pulley, free movement
Explosion-Proof To prevent battery explosion from hurting people and things around.
Lighting SystemThe top of the test room is equipped with lighting
Control SystemW550 X D550 X H1070 (mm)
Gross WeightAbout 200 Kg|Total power: 1.5 Kw
Power VoltageAC 380V/50Hz, Three-phase four-wire + Protective ground wire

Advanced hydraulic driven battery crushing tester mainly used for electric vehicles, electric moped and other lithium battery or nickel metal hydride battery monomer, battery pack, battery system pressure and crush test. The battery crush tester can detect the maximum extrusion pressure of the battery, Battery deformation, Battery voltage drop and battery surface temperature conditions.

Meanwhile, The crush penetration test equipment for battery is aimed at the explosion and fire that may occur during the test of battery test samples, Designed safe pressure relief, explosion relief, automatic fire extinguishing and other functions, The crushing test chamber for battery test adopts remote wire control for secondary protection, Ensure testers are safe and able to complete test tasks. For high-power lithium battery crush testing, the battery crush tester needs to be equipped with a CO2 dry powder fire extinguisher.

Battery crush tester for lithium cell – IEC 62113 8.2.2 – UL 1642 will squeeze one upper press plate.Standard Configuration
Battery crush tester for lithium cell – IEC 62113 8.2.2 / IEC 62113 8.3.5 equip with one piece stainless steel chassis.
There will be operating manual for customer and send to customer by email.
The permitted operating environment is 0 ~ 35℃Environment Conditions
Advanced hydraulic driven crushing tester for li-ion battery ( IEC 62133 & UN38.3 ) with performance guarantee environment 5 ~ 28℃
The space between the equipment and the walls and surrounding objects must be greater than or equal to 1500 mm
It is suggested that the crush test should be placed by the window for discharging the smell produced during the test to the outside.
It is suggested that inflammable and explosive articles should not be placed around the crush tester for lithium ion battery.
Crushing Test chamber for battery test and related accessories should be maintained regularly.
battery crush tester
Customers often consult similar questions, battery crush test machine maintenance is maintenance very troublesome ? How to maintain correctly ? The following analysis for everyone, the correct maintenance method :
1. The operator of the lithium battery crush tester must read the operating instructions and equipment operating instructions and keep them properly︱When the crushing test chamber for battery test is installed, there must be grounding, steady, not inclined, not shaking.
2. Use dry cotton cloth to wipe the dust outside the advanced hydraulic driven battery crushing tester︱It is necessary to control the ambient temperature, temperature, continuous working time and power supply voltage of the instrument.
3. The battery safety testing chamber should be moisture-proof, dustproof and anticorrosive. When it is not in use for a long time, it should be covered with dustproof cloth︱Check regularly to ensure complete equipment and accessories.
4. Conduct power inspection on battery crush tester regularly. Once smoke, fire and odor are found, cut off the power immediately and report to the management personnel to prevent damage to the instrument.
5. Maintain the battery crush testing machine regularly, eliminate the fault in time or contact with the supplier, make maintenance records regularly, and generally clean and maintain the large equipment 2 to 5 times per month.
6. In case of failure that cannot be eliminated, the technical personnel of the equipment center shall be notified for repair and maintenance, and shall not be disassembled without permission.
BS-065 Crushing Tester for Lithium Cell ( IEC62113.8.2.2 / IEC62113.8.3.5 ) – UL/TUV Ready
BS-061 Dual Explosion-Proof Box for Battery Over-Charging & Over-Discharging Test
BS-012 Crushing Tester for Lithium Cell (IEC 62133 8.2.2 / IEC 62133 8.3.5)
Nail Penetration and Water Test︱The battery can be charged and discharged by first acupuncture and then soaking in water.

The battery generally use the material containing lithium as the electrode, which is the representative of modern high performance battery. Lithium battery system is divided into lithium battery and lithium ion battery. Mobile phones and laptops use lithium-ion batteries, commonly known as lithium-ion batteries, but real lithium-ion batteries are rarely used in everyday electronics because they are so dangerous.

Lithium batteries are widely used in hydraulic, thermal, wind and solar power stations and other energy storage power systems, as well as electric tools, electric bicycles, electric motorcycles, electric cars, military equipment, aerospace and other fields. At present, lithium batteries have been gradually extended to electric bicycles, electric cars and other fields.

Lithium Battery Crush Tester Maintenance Knowledge And Maintenance Notice︱Battery Crush Tester – Lithium Battery Crush Testing – Battery Safety Testing

The management personnel must be familiar with the performance and operating procedures of the crush tester, and properly keep the technical data and operating instructions of the general equipment. If you are looking for the nail penetration tester for battery nail penetration and safety testing, please visit the nail penetration tester page.

Before using the crushing test chamber for battery test, we must read the operation instructions carefully, such as digital display electric heating jacket, vacuum drying box. These temperature control devices should check their own protection devices according to requirements, control environmental temperature, humidity, continuous working time, power supply voltage and so on, and pay attention to moisture-proof, dust-proof and anti-corrosion.

The battery crush tester is regularly inspected by electricity. When fire, smoke, explosion, odor and other phenomena are found, the machine should be shut down immediately and reported to the supervisor to prevent damage to the instrument due to short circuit and prolong the service life of the instrument.

Regularly maintain battery crushing test chamber, timely troubleshoot instrument failures, make maintenance records, clean and maintain large equipment 2-4 times per season. Damaged lithium battery crush testing machine should be repaired by professional staff of the equipment center. If external repair is needed, please apply to the equipment department.

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