The Calibrate Guide for Wewon Environmental Chamber

There may has a calibrate request by some customers when their environmental chamber has been used for one year or longer time. Here is a calibrate guide which will make the customer easier understand how to make +40℃with 2℃ higher and +51℃ with 3℃ lower for Wewon environmental chamber.

During your calibrator engineer do the calibrate work for Wewon environmental chamber moment. According to his calibration tool checking result, If he want make +40℃ with 2℃ higher and +51℃ with 3℃ lower, Then please refer this below record video mentioned. This is the mainly idea why we taken this guide video, The more important issue is, We want to teach the customer and let the calibrator engineer know how to do calibrate work when they operated a Wewon environmental chamber.

It’s not means we can do the +40℃ or +51℃ temperature calibrate work only. Basically you can do any temperature calibrate change from Wewon controller system. For example +85℃, +60℃… Any temperature you want to change. We just use this 2 different temperature and make a demo to make the customer easier understand the Wewon controller system inside.


There not only the temperature calibrate request, But also has a humidity calibrate request from your calibrator engineer. Below is another calibrate guide video which will teach the customer on how to do the humidity calibrate for Wewon controllers.

Below is a calibate guide video to let you know, How to change the +28℃, 63%RH to +28℃, 60%RH. Yes, Make it 3% RH lower. In case your calibrator engineer request you to do so. I have to say, There has a rise and fall when the environmental chamber is working, So we hope you can understand this.

Generally speaking, These are the training lesson for the nolinear testing. If you are doing a linear testing, Then we will do a calibrate guide and teach you how to make this temperature and humidity change as well. Meanwhile, We are pleasure to help you on this topic when we got your inquiry.

I have to say, The calibrate operation is not difficult actually, But these calibrate work not popular used by your laboratory engineer. So if you have the calibrate request from us, For sure, We have no problem to accept your proposal. But this will make your engineer go to the deep inside of the Wewon controller system.


In this case, We may have the problem to support you the quality guarantee service in the future. Because when your engineer go to the deeply controller system, We are not sure what button he will touch it. In case there any wrong operation and make the quality problem happen for this environmental chamber. We are not the responsible person to solve it. So contact with us and get an approval before your calibrate work is a smart idea if you are trying to do so. Thank you.

Calibration is an important process for ensuring the accuracy and reliability of testing equipment, including environmental chambers. Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of environmental chambers, offering a wide range of products for testing and research purposes. To ensure accurate and repeatable results, it is important to properly calibrate these chambers. Wewon Environmental Chambers also provides calibration guides for their products, designed to help users perform the calibration process in a quick and efficient manner.

The calibration process for Wewon environmental chambers typically involves verifying and adjusting temperature, humidity, and other parameters according to established standards and procedures. This process can be performed either in-house or by a third-party calibration service provider. It is recommended to calibrate the chamber on a regular basis to maintain its accuracy and ensure reliable test results.

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