Daily Clean Work and Maintenance Notice

When you bought an environmental chamber from Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. Please make sure you will do the clean work by yourself or your service engineer. If you want extend the environmental chamber’s lifetime, and make sure the environmental chamber with a good testing performance. Clean your environmental chamber and remove the dirty and dust from this chamber is so important. Below is the guidance to teach you how to do the clean work for your environmental chamber unit.

Simply to say, If you made your environmental chamber with clean surface and no oil dirt, no dust to stop the water pipes, Then your environmental chamber will work well and has no any quality problem happen during your testing moment. Environmental chambers are crucial for conducting various scientific experiments and tests in a controlled environment. To ensure the accuracy and reliability of test results, regular cleaning and maintenance of these chambers are essential. Here is an article detailing the daily clean work and maintenance notice for environmental chambers:

Unplug the chamber from the power source and turn off any gas supply.Daily Clean Work for Environmental Chambers:
Remove all samples, shelves, and any other materials from the chamber.
Wipe down the interior walls, shelves, and door gasket with a neutral cleaner, and then rinse them with clean water.
Dry the chamber with a cloth or paper towels before replacing the shelves and samples.
Ensure the chamber is clean and free of any visible particles or dirt before starting the next cycle.
Regularly inspect the chamber for any signs of wear or damage, such as corrosion, rust, or broken seals.Maintenance Notice for Environmental Chambers:
Replace any damaged or worn parts, including seals, gaskets, and filters, as soon as possible.
Check the door gasket regularly to ensure that it is in good condition and sealing properly.
Clean the air filters regularly to prevent a buildup of dust and maintain optimal airflow.
Have scheduled maintenance by a qualified technician, including any log sheets or records of maintenance.
Daily Clean Work and Maintenance Notice:
Spare Parts Description:Situation and Solution:Maintenance Time:
Wet Bulb Gauze Replace Work
When it change to be dirty, be harden
Replace at regular intervals
Change a new one anytime
Every 3 Months
Check the Water Level (Wet bulb gauze water tank, Humidification barrel, Bottom water tank in drawer)Frequency or Regular IntervalsEvery 3 Months
Cleaning the Condenser
In case the dirty and dust on the surface of condenser, Please remove the driry or dust to make sure the condenser has a good cooling perfermance.
Clean work at regular intervals
Clean work when the condenser has many dirty or dust on the surface
Every 3 Months
Clean the Testing Room
Before You do the Testing Work, In case there any Oil Dirt or Wet Metal Dust Scrap
Clean it at Regular Intervals
Clean work when the testing room has any grease, oil, dirty condition.
Every 1 Month
Clean the Body StructureClean it at Regular IntervalsEvery 4 Months
Clean Power Electronic Circuit PartClean it at Regular IntervalsEvery 4 Months
Clearn Water Tank in DrawerClean it at Regular IntervalsEvery 1 Months
Clean the Water Out FilterClean it at Regular IntervalsEvery 1 Months
Clean the Water in FilterClean it at Regular IntervalsEvery 1 Months
Clean Work and Maintenance Notice
Do not start frequently, Power supply voltage, use environment, ventilation, The internal impurities should be removed before operation.
In summer, When the indoor environment is too high, over-current alarms are prone to occur. It is recommended that the use environment be kept below 25 degrees so as not to affect normal use.
After each test, the temperature and humidity test chamber should be kept clean to prevent corrosion.
The control testing room of the constant temperature and humidity test chamber is cleaned once a month to prevent excessive dust and affect the normal operation of the equipment.
After the end of the experiment, the main power supply should be turned off, the water traces in the workroom should be cleared, the test room should be kept in a boring environment, and the appearance should be kept neat.
If the temperature of an electrical component is too high, it is necessary to immediately check the cause of the attack.
The electrical components on the control panel of the constant temperature and humidity test chamber shall not be dismantled if the malfunctions need to be exchanged, so as to ensure the service life of the test room.
After long-term use of equipment such as motor blower equipment and turntable deceleration equipment, the constant temperature and humidity test chamber should be checked and watch for clean fuel if an abnormal noise occurs.
The power distribution room of the constant temperature and humidity test chamber shall be cleaned at least once a year or more. When cleaning, vacuum cleaners can be used to remove indoor dust. The outside of the chamber must also be cleaned more than once a year.

Daily clean work and maintenance of environmental chambers are crucial to ensuring accurate and reliable experimental results. By following the recommended cleaning and maintenance procedures, it is possible to extend the lifespan of the chamber and maintain its performance at optimal levels. Regularly inspect the chamber for damage, replace any worn-out parts, and keep detailed records of all maintenance and cleaning activities. These steps will guarantee that any testing conducted within the chamber is reliable, and the equipment is operating safely and efficiently.

Meanwhile, Please make sure your testing laboratory room Temperature Range: +15C ~ +25C, Treat your environmental chamber with a good weather temperature and the quality problem will never come to find you. Enjoy your testing work ! The below mentioned model is the popular design and be ordered frequently. If you have the new inquiry for environmental chamber, Please inquiry to us timely. We accept the custom design. Welcome the engineer share the ideas with us, And we will make your demand design to be truth. Thank you.

Model:TH-0225LTemp Range:-40C +150CHumidity Range:20%~95%
Model:TH-0408LTemp Range:-70C +150CHumidity Range:20%~98%
Model:TH-0800LTemp Range:-40C +150CHumidity Range:20%~95%
Model:TH-1000LTemp Range:-70C +150CHumidity Range:20%~98%
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