Keystroke Life Tester

Keystroke life testers are devices used to determine the durability and reliability of computer keyboards. They simulate the repeated keystrokes that a keyboard would experience during normal use and measure the impact of these keystrokes on the keyboard’s performance. In this article, we will provide an overview of keystroke life testers, how they work, and their importance in the manufacturing industry.

Keystroke life testers use a mechanical arm to simulate keystrokes on a keyboard. They can be programmed to apply pressure and force on specific keys, allowing manufacturers to test the durability and performance of different areas of the keyboard. The mechanical arm hits the keys repeatedly, mimicking the repeated use that a keyboard would undergo during normal use. The total number of keystrokes, also known as the keyboard’s endurance, is monitored and recorded to measure the keyboard’s lifespan.

Keystroke Life Test Equipment, The three axis (XYZ) servo-control automatic key loading-curve tester which we simply named keystroke life tester used for various of tensile pressure test. It can set the coordinates, the machine automatically displacement test, and record the test value. Use the Windows Chinese Windows menu. All data can be stored (test conditions, load – stroke curve, life curve, inspection reports, etc.)

Keystroke Life Tester

The application for keystroke lift tester : 1, General product multi-point strength test automatically. 2, Key (keyboard) curve test (multi-point automatic displacement). 3, LCD resistance to stress testing (multi-point automatic displacement). 4, Pressure life test (multi-point automatic displacement). For more details check, Please send us a mail. I am waiting for you there ! Thank you.

Keystroke life testers play a crucial role in ensuring the quality and reliability of computer keyboards. By simulating the repeated keystrokes of normal use, these devices can identify potential defects and help manufacturers ensure that their products meet user expectations. As technology advances, we can expect keystroke life system to become even more sophisticated, further improving the durability and reliability of computer keyboards.

The importance of keystroke life testers lies in their ability to identify keyboard defects before they reach the market. Defective keyboards can cause frustration for users, and can also lead to expensive returns and repairs for manufacturers. By testing the durability and reliability of keyboards before they are released, manufacturers can ensure that their products are of high quality and meet user expectations.

Equipment Name:
Keystroke Life Tester
Test Load Range: 0 ~ 100N
Minimum Display Load: 0.01 mm
Z-axis Tests the Height and Stroke: Height 450mm;Moving 150mm
Z-axis Display Distance : 0.01、0.001mm (Option)
Test Speed Range: 1-200mm/min
X-axis Moving Distance: 400mm
Y-axis Moving Distance: 300mm
Transmission: Ball Screw
Drive Motor: Servo Motor (Three-Axis)
External Dimension: 1000W× 900D× 800H (mm)
Machine Weight : 150 Kgs
Power Supply :  AC220V, 230V, Single Phase

One of the most important aspects of keystroke life testing is the measurement of keystroke force. Different keys on the keyboard require different levels of force to be pressed. Keystroke life testers can be programmed to measure the amount of force required for each key and record it for later analysis. This data can be crucial in identifying potential defects in the keyboard, such as keys that are too difficult or too easy to press, or keys that get stuck.

In addition to measuring the endurance and force required for keystrokes, some keystroke life test machine can also measure other factors such as the speed at which the keys are pressed and released, the frequency of keystrokes, and the duration of keystrokes. This data can provide valuable insights into how users interact with keyboards and can help manufacturers make data-driven decisions about product design and development.

Features for the three axis (XYZ) servo-control automatic key loading-curve tester :
Can be arbitrary input X, Y axis coordinates, the machine automatically moves the position test.
Can enter the maximum test stroke and load, the computer automatically controls and tests.
Keystroke Life Tester, Can be set load, when the load value arrived, the machine can be suspended or turned.
Can set the trip, when the trip value arrived, the machine can be suspended or turned.
Can be directly test and copy each trip point (0.01mm) and load the graphics.
Each measurement can be traced by cross cursor track, interpretation of the corresponding load and stroke value of the minimum resolution of 0.01mm.
Can print and store graphics (load – stroke curve, life curve, check the report).
Test data stored on the hard disk (each data can be stored, unlimited number of times).
The test conditions are set by the computer screen (including test load, stroke, speed, frequency, air pressure, pause time, etc.)
The contents of the inspection report can be modified at any time (both in English).
The test report can be transferred to Excel for editing or directly through the network output.

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