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Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. has attended an outward bound course last week ! There are 84 employees from Wewon joined this outdoor training. We are enjoyed this outward bound and had a good memory there ! In Wewon, The employees working there, not only for a salary, But also have some chance to improve himself. This is a good way, Wewon training the employees and give the workers new opportunities to make them the possibility to increase their ability for a higher salary purpose !

Many thanks for the company’s arrangement, instructor’s project setting, experience + learning, and also know a group of small partners who are also on the road. The sense of teamwork awakens again. We are different, but they are together here. The same fate together, work together ! Through this military outward bound, the staff not only enjoyed the beautiful scenery, relaxed their mind and body, but also washed away their pains.

It has enhanced communication and mutual trust among colleagues and enhanced team cohesion. It further maintained a good atmosphere of unity and cooperation and vigorous progress. At the same time, it also allows the leadership to move from work to nature, to feel the beauty of nature and to appreciate the harmony and harmony between man and nature. Sharpen the will and endurance of the staff, strengthen your sense of teamwork and enhance the sense of collective honor.

Wewon Outward Bound

In the outward bound training, The practice of military posture and the conduct of various activities. It embodies the active and agile thinking of all the players, and embodies the greatness of collectivism. Every action in military training makes teammates fully realize the strength brought by solidarity and cooperation. And the importance of team spirit. After a day’s training, the players realized the importance of team tacit understanding, and an inadvertent little action would affect the training effect of the whole team.

Through this expansion project, the members of each group can become a real strategic team that can identify problems and solve problems. Everyone is responsible for their respective duties, and they are responsible for finding the golden point of cooperation in the development project. This relationship is made up of a loose individual as a combination that can break through any line of defence, and each member of the team strengthens the confidence and courage to overcome difficulties in the progress of the project.

Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. Outward Bound

We have improved our determination to face the difficulties but persevered in the end. What is more valuable is to exercise the courage and courage of every member and overcome the mindset which sometimes acts on the basis of feeling. It has to be said that this is a rare experience, which is of great help to the physical and mental health of employees and their future daily work.

In this process, I have a deep understanding of what is called “team”. Looking back at the whole process of training, we can see clearly that in the face of difficulties and challenges, we can all be cohesive and fully embody the spirit of challenging ourselves and melting our team. A team without a cohesive force is not competitive. If there is no team spirit, this training program will not be completed.

Wewon Outdoor Training

In particular, the last project, “the graduation wall”. In the 10 minutes to complete the goal, We still greatly hit a question mark in the heart, plus the first 5 minutes in the first 5 consecutive violations, making this task seems extremely arduous!

But the energy of the whole body that will burst through the will will go beyond the limit of team consciousness. There is a pair of protected hands from the above, the hand of trust, less than 6 minutes, more than half of the original planned time, 4.3 meters of the graduation wall, we were conquered!

The number of comrades who do “ladder”, how many of us let us accidentally hurt, unity is strength! In the team work together and go all out to finish the task that just started to feel impossible. The mutual trust and cohesion of the team are most vividly reflected in the development of the graduation Wall today. We are all filled with boundless energy and strength. We are an indestructible team !

Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. Outward Bound

“Forget age, forget gender, forget identity.” in outward bound training, the coach warned us to make “three forget”. Let yourself have the general young mentality of the flower season. The state of mind determines success or failure.

When we are faced with difficulties and pressures, the biggest enemy is not ourselves, but ourselves. The most difficult enemy to win is ourselves. Therefore, when we are doing anything, we must maintain a positive and optimistic attitude and courage to fight forward.

During the whole course of the outward bound training, Everyone played an important role in completing the training subjects for the team. It is precisely because of the strict demands of ourselves, Pay attention to details, meticulous and refusing excuses. The task was completed successfully.

Wewon Outward Bound

In the course of outward bound training, there will also be some discordant situations. Because of these discordant phenomena, they also pay a heavy price. What we should consider is what causes these discordant situations. In the military development training, almost every item has had the process of shuffling. But in our real life, nothing is a chance to shuffle cards. Since we are a team, let us work together to minimize the “cost” and maximize our interests.

Through this team outward bound training, we learned to obey. We realized that military development training is not only a physical exercise, but also a test of body and mind. As long as we have perseverance and strong will, we believe in work and life. When we encounter setbacks, we will stand up bravely and face greater challenges.

We are very fortunate to take part in the company’s military outward bound training. Time is short, but it brings me a profound life experience. The enthusiasm of the players is as high as that of the hot sun. This team outward bound training, Except for a small number of workers who have participated in similar training activities, Most employees are still the first time.

We understand that the road of future development must undergo all these baptism before we can succeed. We have paid a lot of sweat in the military training activities. But what you get is a heavy harvest. We have learned to be strong and United, and at the same time let us know that a high quality team can withstand all hardships and challenges.

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