Salt Spray Chamber Specification And Technical Parameters

The salt spray chamber specification and technical parameters is important for a new engineer who has no experience for a salt spray chamber operation work. We have an Austria customer, He asked the salt spray chamber specification and technical parameters from our technical dept. Because he has no idea on his testing process. Below are some salt spray chamber specification according to our Austria customer mentioned. Let me do a summary here to make the new engineer easier understand the salt spray chamber specification. It should be a convenient way to improve the new engineer operation skills for the salt spray chambers.

Salt Spray Chamber Specification And Technical Parameters|The salt spray chamber simulates corrosion test in artificial environment. It is a simple and effective method to check whether metal materials or other test item has corrosion protection or not. It will be suitable for corrosion test of discontinuity, control and damage in organic and inorganic coatings.

Meanwhile, For a quality control purposes, Comparisons can be made between test samples coated with the same paint. Salt spray tests are particularly useful for detecting discontinuities, proportionally small holes and other defects in certain metals, organic, phase-grade oxidation and conversion coatings.

The solution for tap water with filter
Question: When I processed a salt fog test according to ASTM B117, The water in the test room and salt water tank will choose distilled water or normal water ?
Our suggestion is the filtered tap water. When you chose the tap water without filter, After a long period test, The water pipes and valves inside the salt spray chamber has some dirty oil and dust there.
The pipe blockage makes the salt fog flow not smoothly. So use the tap water with filter will extend the service life of your salt spray chamber. Above picture is an example, This should be easier way to make you understand how the filtered tap water works.
Question: After the first test runs and the first cleaning we found some red residues (rust?) in the test chamber and in the sewage of the waste water outlet – Have you ever seen this problem ? What is the root cause of this rust ? Is there any bad influence to the testing results ?
Answers: This is the normal circumstances. Because the salt spray corrosion is the maximum damage when you processed an environmental test. After a fully salt and corrosion test, The surface of PVC plate may occur some rust.
Salt Spray Chamber Specification And Technical Parameters
Question: How often should we change the water in the test room and salt water tank ? Manual water export ?
The water in the salt water tank will be used up by an evaporative way within 2 days continuous test work ! The water in the bigger water tank, During your testing moment, There may have some evaporative as well.
Once you have finished your testing work, Please remove the water and clean this salt spray chamber. Make it stand by there for next testing work.
Question: How often and how should we clean the salt spray chamber ? When I checked the salt spray chamber specification user manual, I can not find the explanation there.
Please consider this salt spray chamber is one of your household appliances. Do the clean work as you are at home for your household appliances clean work.
During your clean work moment, if there any problems happen. Please taken the photos and email to us, Then we will give you some suggestion once we have checked your coming photos.
Question: Is it necessary that two measuring cups are closed with this white pipe plug ? If not what will be the consequence – higher PH-Value ?
Answers: Equip the white cup on this two measuring cups are not compulsive. Make this white cup on or not on, Will no affect your testing result. The salt spray chamber specification and technical parameters user manual has some guidance to teach you how to equip the measuring cups. Meanwhile, We will make some short videos to guidance customer how to process their testing work.
Question: Two Measuring Cups|How and how often should we check the PH-Value of this water ?
In fact, The measuring cup is a measuring tool which will judge the salt spray test is valid or not. Normally, One hour the salt water come to measuring cup will be 1.5ml ~ 2ml.
So if you have processed a 10 hours salt test, The measuring cup will comes to be 15ml ~ 20ml salt water. The engineer use this way to check their salt fog test successful or not.
Question: Two Measuring Cups (50 ml)|Could we use bigger cups (up to 100 ml)? During the weekend we can’t pour out these cups, so they will overflow.
The 50ml is the international and traditional way ! The 100ml measuring cups is ok, It will no effect your salt spray chamber during salt chamber testing moment.
If you can make sure the slat fog test is working well, Then you can use a bucket to instead of the measuring cups. The main purpose for measuring cups are collecting the salt fog quantity. So make a change is not a problem when you have familiar with your salt chamber.
Question: Two Measuring Cups (50 ml)|If there is a difference in the amount of water between the two cups – What can we do/ adjust that the amount will be almost equal ? Does this mentioned on your salt spray chamber specification user manual ?
Answers: Please no worries about this issue. During the testing, The salt fog occur. The left side collection tube and right side collection tube may receive the salt fog has some difference. It’s normal circumstances.
two measuring cups are closed with this white pipe-plug

In fact, These technical questions comes from our Austria customer. A new engineer use our salt spray chamber and it seems he has no experience to use the salt spray chamber for his test before. We have prepared some salt spray chamber specification and answer the customer questions timely when we are available.
Question: What is the salt spray chamber hsn code ? Where can I do the salt spray chamber calibration ? What is the salt spray chamber working principle ?
Answers: In China, We mostly use the HS code for salt spray chamber export work. Salt spray chamber HS code what we frequently used: 8424899990. Regarding the calibration, We have a supplier which is a independent third party certifier provider. We will pay the cost and request them come for a calibration work before shipment.
Question: We prefer the salt spray chamber manufacturers in Delhi, in bangalore India. Can you support this ? Do you have the sales representative in Chennai India ?
Answers: For this moment, We have some sales order from Delhi and bangalore India. If you need the local installation work, We prefer to find a local service engineer to support you. We will pay the service cost to the engineer who worked for us.
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