Temperature Rise Test Equipment for Plugs and Sockets Test

Temperature rise test equipment is suitable for plug and socket temperature rise test. The temperature rise test equipment is to plug or socket short after the negative pole, The tail is attached to the current output terminal, and then turn on the current, Set the required test current and time according to the standard requirements, Test the temperature rise at the riveting point of the plug or socket, Whether the temperature rise value after certain time and current load meets the standard requirements.

● The temperature rise testing machine for plug cable test has an alarm function of over temperature and over current. The over current will stop automatically︱Range of overcurrent alarm value: 0 ~ MAX Current︱Automatic recording of overstream time.

● Automatic stop over temperature, Overtemperature alarm value, 0-150℃, Warning light flashing, Automatically record overtemperature time. If you are looking for the thermal stability test apparatus for electric wire and cable test, please visit the related thermal stability test page.

Temperature rise test equipment can be used to examine the surface heating of electrical accessories when loading current is connected. Whether the electrode temperature rise meets the requirements of the standard, It can effectively detect the plug and socket socket is thin, plug and socket is in good coordination or not.

The temperature rising tester is composed of the current regulating control part and the temperature sampling measurement part. It can be used to examine the surface heating of electrical accessories when load current is connected, Whether the electrode temperature rise meets the requirements of the standard. Features of equipment: Stable performance, fast test speed, simple operation, convenient maintenance, reasonable price, quality assurance, timely service.

Temperature Rise Test Equipment for Plugs and Sockets Test
Machine ModelMEW-A1MEW-B1MEW-C1
Testing Station666
Testing Current0-40A0-125A50-1000A Adjustable
Test VoltageLess than 12VLess than 12V5V, 12V, 24V, 48V
The Timer Setting0-9999 S Adjustable0-9999 S Adjustable0-9999 S Adjustable
Temp Measurement0-150 ℃ Digital Display0-150 ℃ Digital Display0-150 ℃ Digital Display
Power SupplyAC 220V, 50HzAC 220V, 50HzAC 220V, 50Hz
Test StandardIEC 884-1IEC 60998-1UL 817
Main Test ObjectPlug PinThe ConnectorCircuit Board
Wewon’s temperature rise test equipment for plugs and sockets test is a versatile and accurate solution to testing the performance of power outlets and plugs at various temperature levels. The equipment has precise temperature control, which can be easily set and monitored to ensure accurate results. The temperature rise test equipment is user-friendly and built with high-quality materials that are safe and reliable. With its versatile testing capabilities, the temperature rise test equipment can be used to test a wide range of different plugs and sockets.

Meanwhile, The equipment has temperature sensors that measure and record the temperature of the test object, and data logging and reporting features, making it easy to analyze results and identify any issues. Test parameters such as test duration, temperature range, and more can be customized to suit individual applications. Overall, the temperature rise test equipment from WeWon is an excellent choice for anyone looking for an accurate and reliable solution for testing the performance of plugs and sockets under different temperature conditions.
adobe-pdf-logoCEI IEC 60884-1 Plugs and socket – outlets for household and similar purposes-Part 1: General requirements
adobe-pdf-logoCEI IEC 61058-1 Switches for appliances – Part 1: General requirements, Edition 3.1 2001-11
adobe-pdf-logoUL 817 Standard for Safety︱Cord Sets and Power- Supply Cords, UL 817 Eleventh Edition, Dated March 16, 2001
adobe-pdf-logoUL 310 Standard for Safety for Electrical Quick- Connect Terminals, UL 310 Sixth Edition, Dated August 3, 1995
adobe-pdf-logoGB 13140.1 Connecting devices for low-voltage circuits for household and similar purpose – Part 1: General requirements (IEC 60998-1: 2002, IDT)
temperature rise test equipment
Current Spec0 ~ 60A adjustable|Load Voltage: 0 ~ 12V
Test temperature RT ~ 200℃|Test Station: Six
Transformer capacity2 KVA|Temperature Rise Test Equipment for Plugs
Display modeall LED Digital Display
Test counter 0~99 hours, 99 minutes, Adjustable
Instrument volumeW500mm*D400mm*H480 mm
Power supplyAC220, 50Hz|Net Weight: 45 kg
This temperature rise test machine is designed and manufactured according to the requirements of temperature rise test of GB2099.1-2008, GB13140.1, IEC60884, VDE0620 and other relevant standards. Used to test the temperature rise of electrical accessories in working state. The WeWon’s temperature rise test equipment conforms to GB 755-9, GB4706 live measurement winding temperature rise test standard, temperature rise testing machine can test the windings temperature rise test of single/three-phase small power asynchronous motor (≤5KW) with the working frequency of 50/ 60hz, cascade motor, transformer, inductance ballast, compressor and electric tool stator.
Sample RangeHousehold Electrical Appliances Plug and Socket
Structure and FunctionExternal type, Thermocouple line directly connected to the sample
Testing ItemsConduction (circuit breaking), polarity (dislocation), insulation, internal high voltage (core high voltage), external high voltage (exposed copper), relative length.
Test MethodsPolarity test, inching circuit test, single-head non-polarity test, induction and inching circuit test, parallel/cross function test
High Pressure RegulatingInternal/external high voltage 0-5kv independent regulation (can be extended to 6KV)
Detection FunctionSingle head relative length detection function|Temperature rise tester for plug
Indicating FunctionQualified and defective automatic indication, counting function
Test SpecificationVarious specifications of wire can be tested by functional switch
Insulation Value2, 7, 20, 50, 100, 200 m Ω| Leakage current setting values: 0.5, 1.0, 3.0, 5.0, 10mA
Insulation Test VoltageDC500V|Test time: 0.2, 0.3, 0.5, 1.0, 3.0, 60.0 seconds
Accessories Parts4 internal molds and 2 conductive sponges are randomly distributed
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