5000 Litres Water Cooled Test Chamber -60°C To 100°C, 20% ~ 98%RH

There has one Turkey customer ordered the 5000 litres water cooled test chamber from Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. last week. Testing room for this water cooled test chamber: 1800*1800*1500mm (W*D*H), Temperature Range: -60°C To 100°C, Humidity Range: 20% ~ 98%. The 5000 litres water cooled test chamber is widely applied to the environment simulation test of electronic parts, automobile parts, notebook and other products in industries such as electronics, military industry, plastics, hardware, chemical industry, etc

The refrigeration system for Wewon’s water cooled test chamber adopts the optimized design combination of imported compressor, with lower operating noise, superior performance and stable reliability. The controller automatically adjusts the cooling circuit to ensure the normal intake and exhaust temperature of the compressor and improve its service life. The new refrigerant demand algorithm is adopted in the refrigeration system, It can use refrigerating capacity reasonably and effectively, Effectively reduce the heat and cold mutual loss, Thus achieving rapid stability and energy saving efficiency. There are several issues which you need to attention when you power on this 5000 liters water cooled test chamber.

When power on, Please pay attention to the operation of the water cooled test chamber, and check whether the instrument has abnormal observation by seeing, hearing and smelling. If any abnormal phenomena such as noise, odor and smoke are found inside the water cooling chamber, the power supply should be cut off immediately. Before the cause has not been identified, should be forbidden to start the power, So as to avoid the expansion of the fault. Thank you.

5000 Litres Water Cooled Test Chamber's Appearance and Structure
Equipment Model: WEW-TH-5000L Testing Room: 1800*1800*1500mm (W*D*H)
External Dimensions: 2000*1850*3250mm (W*D*H) Testing Volume: 5000 Liters Test Chamber
Humidity Range: 20% ~ 95%RH Temperature Range for Water Cooled Test Chamber : -60°C to +100°C
Heating Rage from +23°C to +99°C : 3°C to 5°C Temperature Uniformity: ±1°C to ±2°C
Power Supply: AC 380V, 440V, 50Hz, Three Phase Cooling Rate from 100°C to -60°C: 0.7°C ~ 1.5°C
This 5000 litres water cooled test chamber with three phase power voltage, due to the absence of “low-voltage” preheating process, there may be a brief impact when power on (such as the brief impact of indicator meter, or the occasional sound once or twice), the power can not be cut off in a hurry, and it depends on the situation after the water cooled refrigeration system is stable.

When power-on, if fuse of water cooled climatic test chamber is found to be broken, replace fuse tube of the same specification before power-on. If the second boot, electrify fuse damaged again, Immediate inspection. Do not replace the fuse tube for a third time. Don’t increase the size of the fuse or replace it with copper wire, Otherwise, it will lead to the expansion of internal fault of the instrument, or even burn out the power transformer or other components.

5000 Litres Water Cooled Test Chamber's Internal Structure
Water Cooling Pipes Connect Method for Water Cooling Test Chamber- Installation Guidance
Water Out Pipe Connection Way for 5000 Litres Water Cooling Test Chamber
15 Ton Water Tower for Walk in Chamber, Water Cooling, Temperature Range: -70°C ~ +100°C
Water Cooling Tower Installation Guidance for Water Cooling Test Chamber
The Pipes Connection for Automatic Water Way – Water Cooling, Air Cooling
There has temperature limit funtions inside the controller, high and low temperature protection settings.
There has electronic high temperature overtemperature protection device on the controal panel.
Extreme overtemperature protection against dry burning, Ultra high temperature limit protection device.
Compressor Protection – Oil pressure protection, Bad oil return is the most common ways of compressor damage.
Compressor Protection – Refrigerant pressure protection and overload protection device.
Humidification and water shortage protection device for water cooled temperature climatic test chamber.
Leakage protection for this 5000 liters water cooled walk in environmental climatic test chamber.
Total power phase sequence and phase loss protection for large capacity water cooled environmental chamber.
Safety Protection System
5000 Litres Water Cooled Test Chamber's Refrigerating System

This 5000 litres water cooling test chamber should not be exposed to sunlight. Prolonged operation of the machine will increase the temperature of the shell. Please stay away from inflammable, explosive, chemical, high temperature heat source, These are potential risks. Please make sure to protect your own safety.

Place the machine where there is as little dust as possible. Too much dust will cling to the parts, It doesn’t work very well, The service life of the fan will be affected to some extent. The power plug of the water cooled walk in environmental climatic test chamber should not be too far away. Generally speaking, too long wire is easy to cause short circuit inside the circuit.
5000 Litres Water Cooled Test Chamber's Humidity System

Where should I park this 5000 litres water cooled test chamber ? What site is the suitable place for this 5000 litres water cooled test chamber ?

As we know that this 5000 liters environmental test chamber with a water cooling design. So there need a water cooling tower or the central water tower for water source supply and exchange purpose. We suggest you place this 5000 liters water cooled walk in test chamber near your water tower is a good choice.

For better test performance, it is recommended to choose the room temperature of +15°C ~ +25°C, humidity is no more than 85% of the room is the most suitable place for this water cooled test chamber, It should also be noted that the room needs to be well ventilated to dissipate the heat generated by the machine during operation|BS EN 410 Glass in Building – Determination of Luminous and Solar Characteristics of Glazing

Some customers mentioned the noise the water cooled chamber made while it was running, So we have to think about whether the water cooled climatic test chamber is on the same level. The equipment should not be tilted, Uneven stress will affect the normal use of the machine, and occur noise.

We also have the 4850 litres environmental chamber, 6000 litres vehicle automotive test chamber, 6750 Litres walk in chamber for difference customer in the past a few months. The 6000 litres vehicle automotive test chamber contains a 1200*2500*2000mm (W*D*H) test room which used for the motorcycles’ performance and safety test. If you are looking for the large capacity water cooled test chamber manufacturer from China, Please don’t hesitate to contact with Wewon for inquiry purpose ! You will get what you want !
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